Yamaha R25. Konsep Sportbike 250cc dari Yamaha


Screenshot tampang Yamaha R25 Concept dari Indiancarbikes

The Yamaha R25 concept has been unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan. The highly awaited concept will go into production next year, marking Yamaha’s presence in the 250 cc entry level sportsbike category. with the R25, Yamaha will take on Kawasaki and Honda, whose Ninja 250R and CBR 250R bring in big volumes across the globe. Apart from the sharp styling, additional details of the Yamaha R25 remain under wraps.

Dari potongan artikel di atas, Yamaha masih mempersiapkan kelas sport 250cc untuk melawan Honda CBR 250R & Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Untuk fitur, sepertinya pihak Yamaha masih merahasiakanya.

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This is what Yamaha says about the bike“ superbike you can ride every day’ is the development concept behind the ”R25,” a 250cc sport bike mounting a newly developed in-line 2-cylinder engine on a lightweight, slim and compact chassis that shares its look with the ”YZR-M1″ MotoGP machine. It boasts a powerful and sporty ride in the high rpm range while being easy to handle. The R25 is positioned and offered as an entry-model in the sport bike category for developed markets like Japan and Europe, and as a top performance sport bike for emerging markets, primarily throughout Asia.

Galeri Yamaha YZF R250

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